Olea Medical to join Toshiba Medical Systems

Otawara, Japan, Oct. 13, 2015

Toshiba Medical Systems ("Toshiba") announced today that Toshiba has completed the acquisition of the outstanding shares of Olea Medical SA ("Olea"), following approval from the French Ministry of Economy.

This acquisition enables Toshiba to accelerate the growth of its MRI business and offer new clinical added value to healthcare providers by leveraging Olea's cutting-edge software technology for advanced post-processing and image analysis, as well as its broad relationships with the world's key research institutions and customers.

"This partnership means we will benefit from both Toshiba's and Olea's strengths to accelerate innovation and enhance our global presence," said Toshio Takiguchi, president and CEO of Toshiba Medical Systems. "Through the integration of both R&D teams, we believe we could bring the innovative solutions and products to play an important role in the development of MRI systems.”

Fayçal Djeridane, president and CEO of Olea Medical SA, stated, "This is great news for Olea's customers and our fabulous team, and we are happy and proud to join the Toshiba family. We are convinced this is the right strategy to pursue our commitment to provide a widely accessible, complete package of simple, safe, fast and accurate tools for full-body image post-processing, in order to help doctors improve the diagnosis and follow-up process for patients' benefit worldwide."

Toshiba will also be able to provide multimodality solutions by integrating Olea's post-processing software with Vitrea, a widely known enterprise and scanner-connected workstation by Vital Images Inc., another subsidiary of Toshiba, to improve collaboration among experts, consolidate and standardize workflows and enhance diagnostic confidence.

About Olea Medical

Olea Medical™ designs and markets innovative medical imaging applications that significantly improve diagnostic processes and treatment evaluation. Created in July 2008, Olea Medical has continuously increased its portfolio of innovative vendor-neutral software applications for MRI and CT imaging post-processing, including emergency settings—dedicated ones. Olea Medical's competitive solutions allowing sped up and enhanced diagnosis process are now implemented in major healthcare centers all over the world, and Olea Medical aims to become the leading provider of safe and accurate medical imaging software. More information at www.olea-medical.com.