Toshiba Medical Research Institute USA, Inc. (TMRU) is involved in most aspects of medical imaging

About Us

Canon Medical Research USA, Inc. (CMRU) is a multi-modality R&D center that designs the next generation medical imaging systems. Our mission is to drive healthcare solutions that result in a higher quality of life in an atmosphere that values all people and ideas. Together we are we for a healthier future.


Toshiba Medical Research Institute, Inc. (TMRU) was founded in September 2006 and was one of Toshiba Medical’s four global R&D companies that generate innovative ideas behind the company’s most important breakthroughs in imaging technology. We have two facilities located in the United States with our headquarters outside of Chicago, Illinois and a second location in Cleveland, Ohio. TMRU joined the Canon Group in December 2016 and announced its official name change to Canon Medical Research USA, Inc. (CMRU) in January 2018. We continue to work on more challenging and cutting edge projects which further drives our desire to innovate.

Core Values

  • Challenge Convention
  • Collaborative
  • Nurturing
  • Professional Excellence
  • Accountability

Team Work

As a company that employs mostly engineers and scientists with advanced degrees, our company culture has a collegial, academic feel to it. We endeavor to remove obstacles that hinder creativity. People who are thought leaders who want to test the limits of their creativity will be ideal additions to our team. We take a team based approach to most of our work as this helps our employees learn and grow with one another.

Our employees spend their time contributing to work in many imaging modalities including CT, MI, X‑ray, MR and Ultrasound. We also have capabilities in clinical applications and clinical research with partnerships with some of the most prestigious luminaries and institutions in the U.S. and beyond.