Canon Medical Research USA, Inc. (CMRU) is structured into modality and engineering groups. The modality groups include the modality specific scientific experts, technical leads, and program managers. The engineering groups contribute to projects across the modality spectrum and are comprised of ASIC, electronics, FPGA, mechanical, and software teams. This structure ensures cross pollination of technology and creates a stimulating environment for the design teams as they are continually exposed to new and different technologies. Engineering responsibilities range over the full product realization spectrum including experimental, prototype, and production design phases. Engineering interfaces with scientists and manufacturing engineering teams in a global environment.


The FPGA/ASIC team is involved in most phases of medical imaging systems development—system definition, hardware support, logic design and implementation of FPGA and ASIC, software driver development, system software integration and testing. The team’s expertise and experience range from electronics hardware, digital logic design for FPGA (Xilinx and Altera) and ASIC, embedded and system software development.

Other areas of focus include:

  • High Performance Computing (HPC) applications used in medical image reconstruction and visualization
  • Acquisition and processing of data collected from detectors of medical imaging equipment
  • Real-time system control and status monitoring
  • System diagnostic and maintenance
  • Digital and Analog ASIC development for next generation front-end medical detector devices
  • Use of the industry’s latest methods and EDA tools; highest capacity and performance FPGAs from Xilinx and Altera

The CMRU hardware team is comprised of a diverse group of talented engineers that are responsible for the design and implementation of the hardware used in Canon’s state-of-the-art imaging systems. The team is involved every step of the way; from the very early stages of research and concept design through the support of production systems in the field. CMRU’s expert designers are skilled in areas of high speed digital design, analog design, power distribution, embedded system design, PCB design, fabrication and assembly technique, mechanical design, testing and integration.


This group is a part of engineering that applies the principles of physics and materials science for design, analysis and prototype fabrication to support medical device development. By supporting CMRU’s research and Canon Medical Systems Corporation’s production, we use the basic design principles (mechanics, kinematics, thermodynamics, materials science, and structural analysis) along with tools like Computer-Aided Design software (CAD, Pro/ENGINEER) to produce analysis, design and drawings for projects across modalities.

This team of highly skilled software engineers use the latest technologies to help make our next innovative idea a reality!

Our specialties include:

  • Advanced parallel processing techniques
  • High performance computing
  • GPU programming
  • Optimizing cutting edge image processing algorithms
  • Distributed RAID
  • Multicore RTOS
  • Object oriented design
  • Device drivers
  • Computer architecture