Rich Mather, Ph.D.


Rich Mather, Ph.D., is President of Canon Medical Research USA, Inc. (CMRU) and leads the company’s strategic direction, currently focusing on enhancing communication pathways with Canon Medical Systems (CMS) in Japan.

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Jennifer Robertson

Vice President

Jennifer Robertson, MBA, is Vice President at Canon Medical Research USA, Inc. (CMRU) where she works with the President and senior leadership team to set the company vision while developing strategies for CMRU that align with parent company goals. She ensures that the culture and structure support the people at CMRU and the direction of the company. She develops operational plans that find creative ways to overcome obstacles.

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Jeffrey Kolthammer, Ph.D., an employee at Toshiba Medical Research Institute USA

Jeffrey Kolthammer, Ph.D.

Director, PET Systems R&D

Jeff Kolthammer, Ph.D., is Director of PET Systems R&D at Canon Medical Research USA, Inc. (CMRU), contributing to the strategic direction, system design and Canon Medical Systems (CMS) collaboration in Molecular Imaging.

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Joseph Manak, Ph.D.

Senior Director, Platform Technologies

Joseph Manak, Ph.D., is Senior Director, Platform Technologies at Canon Medical Research USA, Inc. (CMRU). He also serves as acting Director for X-Ray advanced development and clinical research and collaborations in North America.

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Richard Thompson, Ph.D.

Senior Director, Diagnostic Imaging

Richard Thompson, Ph.D., is Senior Director, Diagnostic Imaging at Canon Medical Research USA, Inc. (CMRU) and leads the strategic definition and execution of programs that deliver advanced solutions in CT, PET, and MRI for Canon Medical Systems.

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Zhou Yu, Ph.D.

Director of CT R&D

Zhou Yu, Ph.D., is Director of CT R&D at Canon Medical Research USA, Inc.  In this role, he leads the strategy and execution of CT research at CMRU.  He manages a portfolio of research projects as well as product development projects for Canon’s CT product lines.
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